PixelBInn is built for designers that like to work together. A file cabinet of the future. We are working on harnessing the power of using design first, cloud based tools that you can clone, "fork" or team up on. Its easy to post your project to share with others.

Create Bins, Forks and Clones

Bins hold multiple projects (each project generally includes one file type). You can clone or fork these projects within bins.

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Public or Private Projects

Whether your working on a secrete project or bin of projects or want to work on something together, we fit your style and its easy to start.

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The Future of Collaboration

Working with a team? Sync, share and update projects across all cloud-based design software and file based programs with Pixel Bin. It takes less than 30 seconds to upload a project and start sharing.

The "Github" for Designers

We believe the future of design software will be up in the cloud. We are working on integrated plugins for tools such as Figma, Framer and Webflow and Chrome extensions to assist in automated updates across cloud based softwares.

PIXEL BIN EMPOWERS THE graphic, mobile and web designers to work on projects together

Future of all software will be in the cloud.

We believe that most design software will be used in the browser.